Why are Curved Treadmills Better?

Why are Curved Treadmills Better?

  1. Burns more calories-A curved treadmill burns up to 30% more calories than a motorized treadmill in one single workout. If you are looking to lose weight, you will find a curved treadmill really helpful.
  2. More intense workouts- A curved treadmill offers more intense workouts for all its users. Compared with flat treadmills, the intensity of curved treadmill workouts is about 50% more.
  3. Works more muscle groups-Another feature that makes curved treadmills better than motorized treadmills is that they target more muscle groups from your glutes to the calves and hamstrings.
  4. Minimal joint pain-The curvature on curved treadmills comes up to meet the feet at the start of every motion. This plus the cushioned tread belt softens the impact and minimizes the effect on your knees, ankles, and joints. The result is less pain even after intense workouts.
  5. High heart rate-Curved treadmills tend to offer a 16% higher heart rate compared with motorized treadmills.
  6. Suitable for HIIT and sprints-With a curved treadmill, you will be able to accelerate really fast and hit your top speed nearly instantly. In addition, the treadmill will slow down in a quick natural manner for added safety. With motorized treadmills, it takes time for it to slow down especially when you were running at the highest speed level.

If you are looking for a treadmill that offers the most effective cardio workout, it is best that you get a curved treadmill.

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What is a Curved Treadmill?

A curved treadmill is a concave-shaped treadmill that is self-powered. The U-shape design gives the treadmill a unique shape which makes it stand out from the rest. Apart from that, curved treadmills are more ergonomic and comfortable to use.

They are designed to help alleviate joint stress and this makes your workouts to be more bearable. They are also easier to use compared to manual treadmills and you can easily control your workout pace based on your fitness level.

Benefits of Using a Curved treadmill

Simple to Use

Curved treadmills have very few or even zero buttons. All you have to do is jump on the belt and start your workout. You also get to adjust your speed instantly and effortlessly depending on your fitness level and the goals you want to achieve.


The safety that curved treadmills offer is unmatched. They stop when you stop even when you were running at a very high speed. Moreover, the running decks in curved treadmills are built with more grip and cushioning.

The cushioning makes running more comfortable while the grip makes it hard for your feet to slip off.


Since curved treadmills are self-powered, there will be no carbon footprint.

Cheaper to Run and Maintain

While the initial investment cost of curved treadmills is high, they are cheaper to run and maintain. They have no motorized parts so they will be no electricity cost.

Besides, the non-motorized belt means that they will be no added costs for adjustment or lubrication.

Drawbacks of Curved Treadmills


The main drawback of curved treadmills is the high cost. They are the most expensive treadmill type of all types that we have on the market.

Large Footprint

The large footprint of curved treadmills disadvantages users with small spaces such as apartments or compact home gyms.

Not Foldable

There are no foldable curved treadmills yet. If you live in a studio or an apartment, where having a dedicated space for putting this exercise equipment is hard to find, it is best that you get a motorized treadmill that has a foldable design.

How Does a Curved Treadmill Work?

A curved treadmill works by employing these three things: gravity, friction, and force. While walking or running, the weight of your body and the feet themselves pull the tread down and back, and this happens with the assistance of the treadmill’s curved shape.

With this design, the treadmill’s point of contact stays ahead of the center of mass. This makes running on a curved treadmill to be significantly different from one on a manual treadmill or real road running.

Curved Treadmills Vs Motorized Treadmills

When it comes to choosing between a curved treadmill and a motorized treadmill, your selection will largely depend on your individual preference, budget, and your fitness goals as well.

Treadmills are arguably one of the most popular exercise equipment found on the market today.

Treadmills have grown to become the go-to fitness equipment for people looking to do their workouts at home. Besides, the ability to work out at any time you want and have full control of your workout regimen makes them more attractive.

Finding a treadmill that is right for your needs is important to have a rewarding workout. Having the right treadmill within reach will help you realize an array of health benefits that are hard to find anywhere else.

You will also be able to train at your own pace which is essential to have a safe workout.

However, buying a treadmill is no mean feat. There is a multitude of factors you should consider when making your selection, and one of them is the treadmill type.

Understanding the different types of treadmills available on the market will guarantee that you pick a unit that will help you reach your fitness goals with ease.

Final Thoughts

If your passion dwells in intense running workouts, a curved treadmill will be up to the task.

Knowing the features that you need in a treadmill will make your selection process less taxing and also ensure that you make the right purchase.

Regardless of what your lifestyle or fitness needs are, we do hope that you have found this post to be insightful.

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